Downtown Community Court

The Downtown Community Court was implemented in October 2002 to address quality of life crimes being committed in downtown San Diego neighborhoods, in an effort to protect the economic, social, and cultural viability of city life. The Downtown Community Court utilizes a non-traditional innovative approach to deal with non-violent misdemeanor offenders. Offenders are provided the opportunity to "pay" their debt back to the community through community work service, rehabilitation, and education. The Downtown Community Court benefits taxpayers by reducing recidivism in designated areas. Other benefits of the Downtown Community Court include: cleaner and safer downtown neighborhoods, community involvement in the criminal justice process, and accountability and supervision by the Property and Business Improvement District (PBID).

The Downtown San Diego Partnership Clean & Safe organization is one of several partners in the Downtown Community Court program, and provides offenders the opportunity to work with Maintenance Ambassadors to clean up the neighborhoods in which they committed their offenses. 

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