Want to make a contribution to downtown San Diego?

Support the Downtown San Diego Partnership’s Movin’ Home program. Drop some change or use a credit card at one of the Movin’ Home donation stations located in downtown San Diego. The donations are collected as the meters fill up and are turned over to the Downtown San Diego Partnership Foundation, a 501(c)3, which supports the Ending Homelessness Campaign. The funds help pay for move-in kits.


What are “move-in kits?”

Move-in kits help the homeless in downtown San Diego transition from the streets to supportive housing by providing them with a little help to get them on their feet. The kits cost $1,000 each and can cover household basics, such as furniture, kitchen and bathroom supplies, and even first and last month’s rent. In addition to public donations from the stations, the kits are also supported through private donations.

Movin’ Home Donation Stations

The donation stations, donated by IPS Group, are located at:

  • Broadway Circle, Horton Plaza
  • 1st Avenue Entrance, Horton Plaza
  • 4th Avenue Entrance, Horton Plaza.

 Who made this possible?

The Downtown San Diego Partnership would like to thank IPS for their generous donation of the high-tech, solar powered meters.  For more information about this great company, please click on the link below:


The Downtown San Diego Partnership would also like to thank Westfield for donating the space to house the first 3 Donation Stations in San Diego!!


For more information, contact the Downtown San Diego Partnership’s Clean & Safe Program at (619) 234-8900.

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