Engineers & Special Reports

Engineer's Reports

This report constitutes the Engineer's Report for the City of San Diego Downtown Property & Business Improvement District for fiscal year 2011.  The City Council pursuant to the provisions of the Property & Business Improvement District Law of 1994, being Division 18, Part 7 of the Streets and Highways Code of the State of California, beginning with Section 36600, Article XIIID of the Constitution of the State of California, the Proposition 218 Omnibus Implementation Act and 1994 PBID Act desires to levy and collect annual assessments against lots and parcels within the District in the fiscal year commencing July 1, 2010 and ending June 30, 2011 to pay for the operation, maintenance, and servicing of landscaping, lighting, drainage, safety programs and economic development and all appurtenant facilities.

 * For an electronic version of the FY 12-13 Assessment Roll, please contact the Clean & Safe office at (619) 234-8900.

Special Reports from 2011

Understanding the services provided by the Downtown San Diego Partnership's Clean & Safe Program is key to benefiting fully from the program. We encourage you to learn more about the following aspects of the Property Based Improvement District (PBID). Be sure to call or email with any questions.


100,000 Homes National Campaign Downtown San Diego Partnership Registry Week

The Downtown San Diego Partnership has teamed up with the nationally renowned organization Common Ground and its 100,000 Homes Campaign to survey and create a by-name registry of homeless people on the streets downtown. The data gathered during Registry Week will link to a pilot program that will match chronically homeless people, including chronically homeless veterans, to local housing and services.