Core Columbia

The Core Columbia neighborhood is approximately 74 ½ blocks and includes high traffic areas, such as transit corridors, restaurants, banks, high rise office buildings, five star hotels, and government agencies such as courts, jails and San Diego City Hall. The large number of public transit options includes the Trolley, bus, Santa Fe train station and the Coaster.

Towards the west end of the Columbia neighborhood there are several high-rise residential condominiums, with more underway. Intermingled throughout the Core neighborhood are several older buildings converted into live/work lofts. Many of the sidewalks have enhancements such as brick pavers and tiles. Most of the blocks in this neighborhood measure 200 feet by 300 feet.

Homeless Sleep Count (9pm-6am):

  • December 2011:  107 homeless individuals
  • November 2011: 133 homeless individuals counted
  • October 2011: 215 homeless individuals counted
  • September 2011: 103 homeless individuals counted
  • August 2011: 198 homeless individuals counted
  • July 2011: 46 homeless individuals counted

Core Columbia Monthly Sidewalk Powerwash Schedule - 4th Avenue West

Core Columbia Monthly Sidewalk Powerwash Schedule - 5th Avenue East

* Please be aware that variances to the sidewalk powerwashing schedule may occur and are due to many factors such as construction, road closures, special events and more.

Green Machine deployment schedule

Scrubber Deployment Schedule

Core Columbia Grid Boundaries and Maintenance Ambassador Deployment by Shift


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