The Cortez neighborhood is a 41 block area with light foot traffic. This neighborhood is a mixture of residential, commercial, and retail establishments. It is home to several government agencies and educational institutions including an elementary school, technical schools, and the California Western School of Law.

A portion of this neighborhood sits on a steep hill, crowned by the historic El Cortez. "The Hill," as referred to by its residents, is primarily residential and is the home of Tweet Street Park. This neighborhood has several enhanced sidewalks. Most blocks measure 200 feet by 300 feet in length.

 Homeless Sleep Count (9pm-6am):

  • December 2011:  101 homeless individuals counted
  • November 2011: 46 homeless individuals counted
  • October 2011: 130 homeless individuals counted
  • September 2011: 114 homeless individuals counted
  • August 2011: 140 homeless individuals counted
  • July 2011: 63 homeless individuals counted

Cortez Monthly Sidewalk Powerwash Schedule

* Please be aware that variances to the sidewalk powerwashing schedule may occur and are due to many factors such as construction, road closures, special events and more.

Green Machine deployment schedule

Scrubber Deployment Schedule

Cortez Grid Boundaries and Maintenance Ambassador Deployment by Shift


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