East Village

The East Village is Downtown San Diego’s largest and most rapidly developing neighborhood. It is 111 ½ blocks joining together commercial, residential and social services to create a vibrant community. The East Village is home to PETCO Park and the San Diego Padres, the new Central Library (under construction) and the new Thomas Jefferson School of Law. There are many high-rise residential condominiums with ground floor retail and more on the way. Large commercial warehouses are found on the and a number social service providers are located on the eastern portion of the neighborhood.

The East Village has high level of foot traffic and most of the sidewalks are 200 feet by 300 feet in length, except for the super blocks between 15th and 16th street.

 Homeless Sleep Count (9pm-6am):

  • December 2011:  192 homeless individuals counted
  • November 2011: 221 homeless individuals counted
  • October 2011: 205 homeless individuals counted
  • September 2011: 237 homeless individuals counted
  • August 2011: 266 homeless individuals counted
  • July 2011: 253 homeless individuals counted

East Village Monthly Sidewalk Powerwash Schedule

* Please be aware that variances to the sidewalk powerwashing schedule may occur and are due to many factors such as construction, road closures, special events and more.

Green Machine deployment schedule

Scrubber Deployment Schedule

East Village Grid Boundaries and Maintenance Ambassador Deployment by Shift

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