With a desire to improve the business climate, competitiveness and quality of life in Downtown, property owners and the Downtown San Diego Partnership launched the Downtown Property-based Business Improvement District (PBID) in July of 2000.

Funded through property tax assessments, the PBID established the Clean & Safe Program to improve the appearance of Downtown's sidewalks and enhance public safety for residents, employees and visitors.

The Clean & Safe Program comprises two components: Maintenance Ambassadors and Safety Ambassadors. Working together as the Clean and Safe Team, these individuals are committed to keeping Downtown San Diego clean, safe and friendly. The service area of the district covers 272 blocks of Downtown and includes the following neighborhoods: Core, Columbia, Marina, Gaslamp Quarter, East Village and Cortez.

Clean & Safe maintains a number of unique programs designed to help achieve our mission of keeping the Downtown public right of way safe and clean.

The programs are:

Movin' Home
The Downtown San Diego Partnership’s Movin’ Home program. Drop some change or use a credit card at one of the Movin’ Home donation stations located in downtown San Diego. The donations are collected as the meters fill up and are turned over to the Downtown San Diego Partnership Foundation, a 501(c)3, which supports the Ending Homelessness Campaign.

Down town Community Court
This progam was designed to address quality of life crimes being committed in Downtown San Diego neighborhoods utilizing a non-traditional innovative approach to deal with non-violent misdemeanor offenders.

Dog Stations
Clean & Safe replenishes and maintains over 80 strategically placed dog stations which dispense blue scented bags made of recycled plastic to encourage and assist pet owners to clean up after their dogs. In 2009 downtowners used over 500,000 bags to keep our environment clean.

Letter of Agency (LOA)
The LOA is a San Diego Police Department document that allows S.D.P.D. to act as the agent for the property owner for purposes of enforcing laws against any person on the property without owners consent.

Report Graffiti
This on-line form eliminates the need to call the Graffiti Control Hotline and enables City staff to respond to your request more quickly. Please be as specific as possible to ensure the most efficient processing of your complaint.